when i was walking on the edge of a teacup

20.01.2023 – 17.02.2023

Roman Road is pleased to present when i was walking on the edge of a teacup, a group exhibition bringing together works by a new generation of emerging artists exploring the uncertainties and fragilities of life. Carefully selected by Roman Road’s creative director, Marisa Bellani, the five artists have each created new and unique paintings that will be shown alongside a poem written by Sonny Hall, exploring the interconnection between art and words within a space where sensuous and emotional visual dialogues converge.


The exhibition takes its title from a conjured feeling of constant tension, captured in the idea of watching an equilibrist walking along the edge of a giant china teacup, balancing precariously above the dangers of falling either side, onto the breakable surfaces of both saucer and cup. Bordering between the abstract and the figurative, capturing light and intense emotions, the exhibited works evoke the changeable and ambivalent nature of our lives, being uneasy at times and exhilarating at others. Capitalising on the dualities of light and darkness, stillness and movement, a tangible sense of instability echoes throughout the display, with each piece embodying its own distinct choreography.


when i was walking on the edge of a teacup opens on Thursday 19 January from 6 – 8 PM and will be on display at Roman Road’s gallery in Notting Hill until 17 February 2023.