So far known as a gallery owner, Marisa Bellani has refocused her professional strengths to specialise as a curator, artist hunter, strategist and guide, drawing on her decade-long and extensive experience as the founder and creative director of Roman Road - a former project space which organically evolved into an established contemporary art gallery that guided and bolstered the careers of artists. Well-regarded for her expert eye as well as unearthing potential and creative talent, Bellani has a proven track record of success in artist placement and guidance, resulting in enhanced positioning and visibility for many artists of today’s art scene. Her curatorial interests are focused on two main topics: the future of the world through utopia and dystopia, and the complexities of the human mind, from non-normative identities to challenging stereotypes in modern society with a unique selection of artists born after 1980 or ultra-contemporary artists who Bellani believes will be the talents of tomorrow. More recently, she has developed and dedicated her time to pioneering evolving thematic group exhibitions, focusing on more in-depth and researched subjects through immersive displays of new and diverse emerging art. Based on her experience and pivotal understanding of today’s art market, with substantiated insight for commerciality and potentiality for success, Bellani actioned a decisive structural change for Roman Road in 2023; a move away from the traditional gallery business model to fill the current gap and propose instead a viable support system for artists responding to the XXIC ever-evolving art world. As such, Roman Road was transformed into a community driver and catalyst for artists’ career growth, concentrating its resources on two aspects: Studios and Curation.

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