Nov 14, 2022

WATCH NOW: Bex Massey in conversation with Louis Wise

On the occasion of Bex Massey’s solo exhibition The truth is out there at Roman Road, writer and editor Louis Wise joined us for a conversation with the artist, to explore the autobiographical aspects of her recent paintings and the inescapable realities and subjections of the LGBT community that inspired their making. In their open and insightful discussion, they drew upon Massey’s interest and investigation into Queer history, ’90s pop culture and the pre-internet era, while reflecting on the impact and role that Section 28 – a reviled law existing from 1988-2003 across Britain that forbade local authorities and schools from promoting homosexuality – played in shaping both their lives, and the artist’s current practice. With a similar law, the commonly dubbed ‘Don’t Say Gay’ bill having been passed in Florida earlier this year, are we not witnessing history repeat itself? What can be done to break the cycle?