May 30, 2023

ON VIEW | fuchsia’s first institutional show ‘Searching for Light’

Sixi Museum, Nanjing, China | 01 June - 15 August 2023

We are delighted to announce that fuchsia, a multimedia artist who will be participating in Roman Road’s upcoming summer group exhibition EXTREME, will soon be having her first institutional solo show Searching for Light at the Sixi Museum in China.


On display from 01 June through 15 August 2023, Searching for Light will feature an enthralling collection of fuchsia’s latest paintings and drawings exploring themes of memory, presence and dreams.

fuchsia’s artistic prowess is displayed through her expert use of sensuous brushstrokes and rich colours, which combine to create a mesmerizing and thought-provoking subconscious world on the canvas.


Moreover, fuchsia’s oeuvre offers an intimate glimpse into her personal struggles with pressing reality issues, particularly the urgent need to address climate change. Her artwork reflects her unique and imaginative perspective on the world, and she aspires to inspire others to take action through her captivating pieces.