May 18, 2022

Introducing | Greenwich Cultural Services

Roman Road is excited to announce Greenwich Cultural Services. The project was established in 2021 by Roman Road’s founder and creative director, Marisa Bellani, together with Rita Almeida Freitas, with the aim of connecting artists and companies to create synergies. GCS partners with brands and companies to make contemporary art more accessible and more widely shared, operating around the world to develop strategies that enhance brands’ visibility and bring them closer to their targeted audience. GCS helps develop an increasingly creative work environment for staff to enjoy and shedding a new light on their public positioning.


GCS was born from its founders’, Rita Almeida Freitas and Marisa Bellani, desire to bring art and artists to a wider audience whilst committing to sustainable solutions. Rita and Marisa, two art professionals, saw the need to respond to social and environmental issues through art. With this objective at the core of the company, they commit to proposing a diverse range of sustainable solutions and to working with companies with the same goals.


For further information or any queries, please email