WE ARE THE FUTURE: Knocking on Heaven’s Door

01.02.2024 – 14.02.2024

We are delighted to present WE ARE THE FUTURE: Knocking on Heaven’s Door, a group exhibition in partnership with and hosted by Christie’s in London, curated by Marisa Bellani. Knocking On Heaven’s Door is the first in a series of exhibitions falling under the umbrella heading “WE ARE THE FUTURE”, evoking Bellani’s curatorial desire to look forward conceptually and to bring community concerns to the forefront with a unique selection of artists born after 1980 or ultra-contemporary artists: Antony Cairns, Channatip Chanvipava, Daisy Dodd-Noble, Lindsey Lou Howard, Yulia Iosilzon, Oh de Laval, Julie Maurin, Lola Stong-Brett, Daisuke Yokota and Lian Zhang


WE ARE THE FUTURE: Knocking On Heaven’s Door gathers different visions of how to live our lives today when we think of how the future will unfold. We are collectively invited to rethink our value systems and progress, to live more respectfully towards nature and others. Adaptability and fluidity are qualities we may be able to embrace in the future, a future so near; the future is here.


The exhibition opens on Thursday 01 February and was on display at Christie’s (8 King Street, London SW1Y 6QT) until 14 February 2024.