05.11.2015 – 18.12.2015

Roman Road is very pleased to present TEMPO AL TEMPO. ART FROM ANNO DOMINI TO RONI HORN, a group exhibition curated by Domingo Milella and antiques specialist Bruno Botticelli. The show is born out of the roots of Milella’s practice, from his interest in time and its shapes, from antiques, and also the contemporary art of his fellow colleagues, mentors and friends. Featuring specially selected pieces from as early as AD 1 alongside seminal pieces by artists of today, the presentation will explore these connections and sensual bridges as a dialogue in time.

The gallery room will comprise Milella’s Index (2004/2011), a compendium of 30 small photographs alongside a selection of 15 unseen works from his Index (2012/2013). As if looking at the installation, a painting by Bartolomeo Vivarini from circa 1460 will be facing the index. Portrayed in rose and blue robes against a golden background, Saint Catherine of Alexandria is easily recognised by the spiked wheel that she holds beside.

In the adjoining house, open to the public for the first time, a piece by Darren Almond titled Perfect Time (7 x 3) (2012) is imbued with a mystical quality, mediating experienced and fragmented time. Diversely, a large photograph by Thomas Struth from his New Pictures from Paradise (1998-2007) taken in a forest in Yunnan, China arouses a heightened awareness of the here and now, confronting us to a somewhat melancholy reflection as to whether such utopian thinking may be possible in our contemporary age.

By marrying together pieces from contemporary and ancient art, TEMPO AL TEMPO. ART FROM ANNO DOMINI TO RONI HORN aims to instil an inspiring basis of new and historical interpretation.