Thomas Mailaender: Cyanotypes

21.05.2015 – 24.05.2015

Featuring a fantastic selection of large-scale works mounted upon plasterboards to small, framed prints, our booth at Photo London presents a comprehensive and intriguing view of Thomas Mailaender’s cyanotypes. His unique photographs manifest images from the artist’s ‘Fun Archive’ – a personal collection of over 11000 amateur and humorous pictures gathered from the Internet and flea markets around Europe.

Amid the varied collection of the artist’s blue-hued works, the display comprises three of Mailaender’s outstanding large cyanotypes measuring 250cm x 120cm. These very special works include Electric Jesus (2014), Black Eye (2014), and the humorous Grandma Thug (2014), representing an elderly woman sitting on a sofa with a gun in each hand. Each cyanotype is a thought-provoking and satirical comment on today’s society, demonstrating Thomas Mailaender’s ability to elevate the absurd to the status of art.