Gone Fishing

04.03.2016 – 15.04.2016

Exhibited for the first time at Roman Road, Thomas Mailaender’s Gone Fishing (2010) tells the modern-day tale of a young man who evades his new responsibilities as a father. Through a compilation of nineteen photographs and fictitious typed letters to his partner, Mailaender paints the candid portrait of a man more enthused by having fun with his friends than the joys of parenthood.

One of Mailaender’s fortes is his ability to conceive curious and creative curated projects imbued with humour and originality. The ceiling of the gallery space will be exceptionally lowered, mimicking the usual height and size of a single household garage: a clue as to what the artist has envisioned. The walls, ceiling and floor will be covered in brick effect wallpaper, creating the environment of a man cave in which the fictional character’s story is told.