28.09.2017 – 11.11.2017

Following the success and sensation of Daisuke Yokota’s work in Asia and Europe, Roman Road is delighted to present Emergence, his first solo exhibition in London. The show features three distinct projects by the acclaimed Japanese artist, which together explore his meticulous and subversive approaches to photography and video art.

Emergence presents a collection of the Yokota’s experimental camera-less photographic works, offering a rare opportunity to see special pieces produced by the artist’s hand. With these large-scale works, Yokota investigates the chemical reactions caused by exposing silver emulsions. The resulting opaque and intensely black photographs have a certain texture and introduce an unexpected depth and tactility. The exhibition also includes 53 photographs from Yokota’s Taratine. An ode to his mother and long-time girlfriend, Taratine charts a starkly different direction in the artist’s work and is his most personal and nostalgic project to date.

Among the display of his varied photographic works, Emergence also presents a video installation displayed across five monitors, which offers an insight into the three-dimensional complex processes that go into the production of all Yokota’s work.