Roman Road

Thomas Mailaender

The Night Climbers of Cambridge


The Night Climbers of Cambridge

20 September – 20 October 2013


The Night Climbers of Cambridge is a pioneering curated project by French artist Thomas Mailaender. The exhibition comprises 75 vintage photographs used for the correspondingly titled book by Noel Howard Symington, published in 1937. The artist’s creative re-appropriation of these images breathes new life into this body of work under a contemporary artistic milieu.


For the first time the display room at Roman Road is painted black, instilling the exhibition with a sense of nocturnal darkness and giving prominence to the images of the climbers that cover the walls. Among the wall-mounted, framed and cascading pictures, climbing holds feature in the installation space, creating a route for the bravest audience members and reflecting the artist’s jocularity.


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