The gallery will be closed throughout July and August for renovations, during which we begin the exciting preparations for our next exhibition featuring an innovative project by artist Julius Heinemann opening on 18th September.

Roman Road is delighted to announce that we will be featuring at the inaugural START fair presented by Prudential and held at the Saatchi Gallery from 26 – 29 June 2014. The fair is dedicated to supporting and bringing together galleries from emerging markets and established artistic centres around the world. This year’s selection includes exhibitors from Australia, Indonesia, Japan, Myanmar, Turkey, the USA and UK to name a few, presenting diverse and exciting worldwide artistic talents to the fair’s international audience.


Our proposed booth at START will feature an innovative project by our currently exhibiting artists Tom Esam and Josh Whitaker. Whilst maintaining solo artistic identities these two London artists have collaboratively envisioned a booth that creatively communicates an artistic impression of eyesight. The display will showcase Josh Whitaker’s Black Floaters (2014) dispersed upon the walls. These cartoonised black painted depictions present the incongruous shapes we often see in our peripheral vision. Inspired by the idea of ‘life hacks’ – strategies adopted to help manage and perform daily activities more efficiently - Tom Esam’s series I Gave Me Kids Newspaper Cartoons as a Colouring Book (2014) will be mounted on the walls in central views. For these works, the artist has appropriated a life hack he found particular interesting, which addresses the use of newspaper comics as a children’s colouring book. Choosing to perform this activity with a young acquaintance, he has reproduced the resulting works into large format colour screen-prints, adding an element of humour to the project by taking a mother’s life hack from anonymity into the line of art. The proposed works realised together will reproduce what the human eye sees: the focal and prominently displayed screen-prints being our central vision and the surrounding Black Floaters our peripheral.


This collaborative presentation will not only showcase young and emerging popular talent from the capital but will also provide Roman Road with the opportunity to continue to reinforce an ‘experience’ of art, which we aspire to impart through all our curated projects.


We hope to see you there!



Duke Of York’s HQ

King’s Road




Opening Hours:

Thursday 26 June 2014: 10am – 9pm

Friday 27 June 2014: 10am – 6pm

Saturday 28 June 2014: 10am – 8pm

Sunday 29 June 2014: 10am – 6pm

Roman Road is delighted to announce that our exhibiting artist Tom Esam has successfully attained a two-month residency with the Villa Lena Foundation for the coming months of August and September. Supporting contemporary artists working in the arts, music, film and other creative fields, this organisation fosters the talents of its applicants, offering a unique and formidable opportunity to generate innovative visions through the collaborative exchange of ideas by multi-disciplinary participants.


Located in Palaia in the Italian region of Tuscany, Villa Lena exposes its residents to a unique and vast network through the Foundation’s Board of Advisors as well as to the productive talents of local artisans. As Roman Road’s current exhibition Chicken Show highlights, Tom Esam has a profound aptitude to translate the cultures of a society with a light-hearted yet sincere and though-provoking approach. This residency will therefore lead to an exciting continuation and contrast to his current London-inspired oeuvre.


Roman Road wishes Tom all the success with the residency and we look forward to seeing his new work that grows out of his time spent in Tuscany.



Via comunale di Toiano

42 56036 Palaia PI

The gallery in London will temporarily be closed from 2.15 to 4pm today. Our normal opening hours will resume from 4pm. We apologise for any inconvenience.


Roman Road is thrilled to host Chicken Show, a group exhibition featuring artists Tom Esam, Josh Whitaker and Thomas Mailaender. Curated by Marisa Bellani and Tom Esam, the display is three-parted. Showcased on the outside wall of the gallery are the Chicken Signs (2013-2014); several hanging lightbox sculptures by Tom Esam and Josh Whitaker. The internal space stages Chicken Museum (2014), an installation by Thomas Mailaender, while Chicken Shop (2014) is located at the back of the gallery, offering visitors merchandisable products made with logos designed by the artists involved. Through the eyes of three contemporary artists who opt humour to evoke ethically sensitive topics, Chicken Show raises awareness of the unconscious way we consume not only food, but also images and cultural goods.

Chicken Show is Roman Road’s very first group show in London. We kindly invite you to participate in this scientific experiment, which will reveal the effects of image-consumption on the human brain. Held on the 30th of May, the opening will include sharing complimentary fried chicken. The exhibition commences on 31 May 2014, and will be on display until 5 July.


69 Roman Road
London E2 0QN
Private view: Friday 30 May 2014, from 7pm
Exhibition continues until Saturday 5 July 2014
Opening hours: Wednesday – Saturday, 11 am-7pm and by appointment

Roman Road in association with Autograph ABP presents Even This Will Pass; a pioneering artistic venture by Eritrean-born, London based artist Aida Silvestri. Comprised of 10 photographic portraits, the exhibition tells the journeys of Eritrean refugees in their exoduses to find better stability and hope in the United Kingdom. With a unique and conceptual approach that preserves the dignity of her sitters, Silvestri blurs the portraits of the survivors, upon which she hand-stitches their routes graphically in coloured thread. Their corresponding paths are amalgamated together on a large map, highlighting the diverse and encumbered journeys they faced. Each portrait is further matched with an accompanying text, detailing individual experiences in a short yet poignant written passage.

Roman Road would like to thank Autograph ABP for their support in this undertaking and are delighted to announce the publication of a collaborative accompanying catalogue, which will feature an essay by Renee Mussai, Curator and Head of Archive at Autograph ABP. The artist will also be releasing her first book to be purchasable at the show. Even This Will Pass opens on March 12, 2014 and will be on display through April 26th.

Opening hours: Wednesday-Sunday 11am-7pm, and by appointment.

Thomas Mailaender will be signing copies of his new book SOTP, published by RVB BOOKS, at Offprint Paris on Sunday 17 November at 5pm CET.



Beaux-arts de Paris

14 Rue Bonaparte

75006 Paris

The gallery in London is closed until March, but we are currently organising our upcoming Roeland Tweelinckx Borders and Perception show in Brussels at the Quincaillerie Vander Eycken, established in 1878. The exhibition opens on Wednesday 27 November, 6-9pm CET.

Follow our program for the upcoming events in Brussels and London.

Amazing review for Thomas Mailaender in the Aperture Magazine.

Roman Road Project Space is delighted to present The Night Climbers of Cambridge; a pioneering curated project by the contemporary artist Thomas Mailaender. The exhibition comprises of seventy-five original vintage photographs used for the correspondingly titled and renowned book by Whipplesnaith, a pseudonym for the author Noel Howard Symington, published in 1937. Mailaenders creative re-appropriation of these images fashions a second life for this body of work under a contemporary artistic milieu.

The question is: what attracted this artist, known for his entertaining and often impudent works, to this particular climbing venture from the 1930s. It may appear a seemingly odd choice but Mailaender is drawn to makeshift and amusing spoofs or events. Hence his admiration for the nocturnal climbers, who, during a depressed age in Britain, were flouting the authorities by ascending buttresses of colleges and town buildings around Cambridge. Such antics appeal to and fit his artistic bill perfectly.

By themselves, the photographs in The Night Climbers of Cambridge are striking enough, but this body of work comes into its own and resonates properly through Mailaenders accompanying methods of installation. For the first time the display room at Roman Road Project Space is painted black, instilling the exhibition with a sense of nocturnal darkness and giving prominence to the images of the climbers that cover the walls. Amongst the wall-mounted, framed and cascading pictures, climbing holds feature in the installation space, creating a route for the bravest audience members and reflecting the artists jocularity.

One of Mailaender’s great virtues is his ingenuity and ability to orchestrate fond objects through his work with unexpected monumentality and wit. Roman Road Project Space invites you to experience this artists newest undertaking on display through September 19th to October 20th 2013.

Exhibition continues until Sunday 20 October 2013

Opening hours: Wednesday-Sunday 11am-7pm, and by appointment.

BUOYANT, a group exhibition at Gallery 40, Brighton.

With Josephine Dimbleby, Mark McCullough, Sam Nightingale and Megha Rajguru.

Opening 26th August.

Exhibition continues until 31st August.



40 Gloucester Road

North Laine,Brighton

East Sussex, BN1 4AQ

The gallery is closed for summer.

We are currently organizing our first autumn project, The Night Climbers of Cambridge, curated by French contemporary artist Thomas Mailaender. The opening will take place on Thursday 19 June, 7-9pm.

We are proud to announce the release of Mark McCullough’s catalogue Actuations.

This was made possible thanks to the precious participation of John Patrick Hartnett and Jennifer Angus for the texts, and a valuable collaboration with Ditto Press, London, for the design.

Since the interwar period of the New Objectivity, photographers have turned their attention towards common objects and architectural spaces. With Actuations, a project presented at the Roman Road Project Space, London, Mark McCullough illustrates a new type of interaction between photography and his surrounding environment. According to McCullough, photography needs to be considered as a material form. Not only does the image analyse forms and perspective, but the support itself configures a sculptural role. Throughout all his works, sculpture and image interact in a creative dialogue.

His work collectively forms actuations: an on-going body of work at its current end-point. The term actuations refers to the number of shutter releases performed by the camera: the practice of collecting images is a fundamental point in Mark McCulloughs work, his works are all interconnected. The shutter release is the first step before selecting and printing images, it expresses what the mind desires to visualize. By using the camera, McCullough creates a link between his vision and the external world and produces a new vision on simple matters.

For sales inquiries, please click here.

David Welch’s Material World exhibition has now ended. The gallery will be closed for the next two weeks while we begin the exciting preparation for our second solo show, Actuations, by Irish artist Mark McCullough. The opening will take place on Thursday 6 June 2013, 6-9 pm.

Roman Road Project Space is pleased to announce the release of David Welch’s catalogue and accompanying portfolio on the occasion of his Material World exhibition, which opened on 21 March 2013 and will be on show until 18 May 2013. Material World is part of an on-going series in which Welch, influenced by Karl Marx’s theory of objectification, seeks to expose the concepts of consumption and mass-production in relation to our contemporary society. In addition, Material World is the first solo exhibition catalogue for David Welch and for Roman Road Project Space.

The catalogue is a 32-page book, illustrated with all 13 images from the exhibition, design by Ditto Press. As part of the catalogue, an essay by Jennifer Angus attempts to explore this relationship while simultaneously considering the role that photography itself plays in our consumer culture.

In addition to the catalogue, a portfolio of 14 prints has been produced in an edition of 25.

Both the catalogue and portfolio are on sale now at Roman Road Project Space in Bethnal Green, London.

For sales inquiries, please click here.

Great review for David Welch in Hound Magazine as we prepare for his opening of ‘Material World’ next week at Roman Road.

David Welchs Laundry Totem, 2011 was put up at auction for charity at SNAP! 2013 Toronto.

David Welch is an American fine art photographer. His work explores social issues, and uses large-format photography steeped in conceptual influences from art history and economic theory. David was recently selected by Louise Clements to be part of the FORMAT 13 Festival in Derby, England. In 2012, he was named one of the Magenta Foundation’s Flash Forward winners, and in 2011 he was selected as one of Photolucida’s Critical Mass top 50 photographers. David is a recent graduate of the Savannah College of Art and Design, where he earned his MFA in photography. He lives and works on the Island of Martha Vineyard.


Following the inauguration of Roman Road’s exhibition Cyanotypes at the Boulevard de Waterloo 26 in Brussels on Tuesday, 10 June 2014, MAD Agency will be presenting a corresponding exposition, showcasing a further selection of Thomas Mailaender’s cyanotypes in Paris. Founded by Anatole Maggiar and Paul Armand Delille in 2010, MAD Agency is an associative organisation of creation and artistic direction dedicated to providing intellectual support and to augmenting the production of artists in France and abroad. Their analogously titled exhibition will feature 15 large format cyanotypes by Thomas Mailaender, exposing diverse images drawn from the artist’s Fun Archive: a personal collection of absurd and anonymous pictures amassed from the Internet. The show opens on 14 June 2014 and will be on display until 26 June.


On the occasion of Thomas Mailaender’s Cyanotypes exhibition, Roman Road in association with MAD Agency has published an accompanying catalogue, soon available to purchase from our online store.


Roman Road Exhibition

Boulevard de Waterloo, 26

B-1000 Brussels

Private View: Tuesday 10 June 2014, 6-9pm

Exhibition continues until Saturday 28 June 2014

Opening hours: Tuesday – Saturday, 11am-6pm and by appointment


MAD Agency Exhibition

14 Rue Popincourt

75011 Paris

Private View: Friday 13 June 2014, 5-10pm

Exhibition continues until Thursday 26 June 2014

Opening hours: Tuesday – Sunday, 11am – 7pm

Roman Road is delighted to present Cyanotypes, an innovative exhibition by the French multimedia artist Thomas Mailaender. Hosted in Brussels, Belgium, the show will display Mailaender’s The Longest Cyanotype in the World (2013) along with a video of its creation. Measuring 10 – 1.5 metres, this large format work blends history with the contemporary, attesting the artist’s ability and interest in amusing curious displays. The exhibition also comprises several singular cyanotype prints, each entertaining and encompassing Mailaender’s artistic bill through their comical and unabashed content.

By combining images from our digital age with processes of prominence in the history of photography, Cyanotypes attests Mailaender’s ingenuity and his ability to command an agglomerate of the unlikely with monumentality and wit. It succeeds Thomas Mailaender’s most recent publication ‘Cyanotypes’ (2014) produced by Roman Road Publishing and presented at the WIELS Contemporary Art Centre in Brussels in April this year, available now in print. Cyanotypes opens on June 5, 2014 and will be on display until June 28.


Boulevard de Waterloo, 26
B-1000 Brussels
Private View: Tuesday 10 June 2014, 6-9pm
Exhibition continues until Saturday 28 June 2014
Opening hours: Tuesday – Saturday, 11am-6pm and by appointment

Roman Road Publishing is pleased to announce the publication of Cyanotypes, a comprehensively illustrated book of cyanotype prints by the contemporary artist Thomas Mailaender. Realised during the past year of his practice, the images in this finely printed volume designed collaboratively by Ditto Press and the artist, explore and bring together Mailaender’s new artistic venture: the cyanotype process – one of the first photographic printing methods in the history of photography.

read more


Centre d’Art Contemporain
Avenue Van Volxem, 354
B-1190 Brussels
Book launch: Saturday 26 April 2014, 5-7pm

Roman Road is thrilled to present Future Perfect, an exhibition by the Italian artist Emanuele Becheri hosted in the former headquarters of the renowned Solvay group in Brussels, Belgium. It brings together works on paper from the series Affreschi (2012-2013) as well as works derived from the 2010 series Impressioni, including a triptych composed by two Stampa su Affresco su Impressione (2013) and Affresco su Impressione #6 (2010-2013). The show does also display more recent works such as Proiezione (2010-2014), Still Life #1 (2010-2014), Still life #2 (2010-2014) and a video realised in early 2014.

Emanuele Becheri’s Future Perfect is the second exhibition organised by Roman Road’s Brussels branch; a platform dedicated to promoting a new generation of artists through the shaping of bold and challenging projects. The exhibition is on display through February 20 to March 15 and ends with the closing performance by Emanuele Becheri and musician Massimo Carrozzo. The pair will be improvising music on a film made silent. The unprecedented soundtrack will then be engraved on a vinyl as a testimony of one unique and definitive gesture: the result of the exhibition as an itinerary.


Rue du Prince Albert, 44
B-1050 Brussels
Private view Wednesday 19 February 2014, 6-8pm
Exhibition continues until 15 March 2014
Opening hours: Monday-Saturday, 11am-6pm and by appointment

Roeland Tweelinckx is part of ‘The Logic of Things’ a group show with artist Clary Stolte and Alain Biltereyst at Galerie c. de vos.

Opening 24th November

Exhibition continues until 22 December



Oude Gentbaan 295 – 297

B-9300 Alst

Roman Road is delighted to present Borders and Perception, the first solo show in Brussels by Belgian artist Roeland Tweelinckx. The exhibition comprises a series of site-specific interventions together with minimal and participative works that ensue from the artist’s interaction with the impressive Quincaillerie Vander Eycken building, established in 1878.

Whereas inattentive or passive viewers may overlook the understated yet multifaceted elements of the show, perceptive ones will stumble upon one or more ingenious encounters. Dissolved in their environment and in an almost undetectable manner, Tweelinckx’s in situ works prompt an intimate and individual experience. Caught in a dialogue between the space and the added, the viewers’ perception and understanding of mundane visual representations will most certainly be flummoxed. Visual expectations are overthrown by this ‘space between’, a complex spatial composition which generates a forceful sense of absurdity and impossibility.

In a society that is overtly stimulated through visual language, Tweelinckx’s unique artistic approach succeeds in influencing the spectator’s experience and pushes the boundaries of our perception. The phenomenological blurriness he orchestrates acts like a surprise and a proposition in tandem. Albeit viewers may individually decide upon the depth of their experience of the interventions, Tweelinckx’s works possess a poetic and jovial aesthetic, generating questions and encouraging even the most erudite art enthusiasts to look again.

Roeland Tweelinckx’s Borders and Perception is the inaugural exhibition of Roman Road’s Brussels branch; a platform dedicated to promoting a new generation of artists through the creation of group shows and initiatives of a larger scale than in our London project space.



Rue du Viaduc, 66

B-1050 Brussels

Private view Thursday 27 November 2013, 6-9pm

Exhibition continues until 7 December 2013

Opening hours: Monday – Saturday, 10am-6pm and by appointment

Each year throughout the summer months, the beautiful town of Knokke is host to NIGHTSHOP; a creative platform fashioned in a spectacular villa located opposite the Casino at Nellenslaan 134. This renowned event organised by Delphine Bekaert and Jan Hoet Junior (aka IETS), offers visitors a place to experience innovative works or projects by selected galleries, designers, and cultural organizations during the evening hours of 5- 11pm. NIGHTSHOP is definitely an occasion not to be missed for those with a passion for the arts or simply for a place to experience culture with a cosy aperitif in a beautiful location on the Belgian coast.

What is more, during this years edition of IETS enterprise, Roman Road Project Space (RRPS) is delighted to be participating from August 1st – 18th. Presenting a collection of works from its inaugural and second exhibition, this partaking offers those who missed the East London displays, a chance to experience the latest creations from the fantastic contemporary artists Mark McCullough and David Welch. Not only will this venture allow us to bolster the talent of these emerging artists, which is a central part of RRPS raison d etre and mission, but it also offers a suitable opportunity to introduce Roman Road to the artistic stage of Belgium.

But it does not stop there. Marisa Bellani, founder of RRPS has formed a creative collaboration with Emilie De Pauw, the new director of Roman Road Brussels (RRB) with the intention to create pop-up events around this Western-European country, particularly in its capital, the city of Brussels. In actuating a platform that will foster interaction amongst our new generation of artists, this innovative project aims to harness fresh talent through group shows, in addition to galvanizing the artistic scene in the city.

Coming to Brussels in October 2013, this is only the beginning of this artistic adventure.

We hope to see you there!



Jozef Nellenslaan 134

B-8300 Knokke-Heist

Thursday – Sunday: 5 – 11pm

Opens July 12 to September 1, 2013