Sep 12, 2017

SPECIAL EVENT: Book signing with Antony Cairns at Roman Road

Wednesday 20 September, 7-9pm

Following the success of Antony Cairns’ TYO2-LDN4 exhibition at Roman Road, we are pleased to organise a special event presenting his latest artist books, which correspondingly focus on his recent photographs of Tokyo and London at night. The artist will be signing copies and a one-off discount will be applied to books purchased during the event!


The artist will present the following new books:


TYO2 is composed of twelve sheets of glass bound together by hand. Presenting images from Cairns’ series TYO2, taken in Tokyo in 2016, this artist book makes visual reference to glass negatives used by 19th century photographers, representing Cairns’ continued investigation into the history of photography as well as its mechanical and chemical processes. A paper version of Cairns’ TYO2 will also be available. This over-sized paper analogue reproduces the full extent of the series of work that was produced for the artist’s glass photobook.


Antony Cairns’ LDN4 comprises 20 tinted IBM punch cards printed on both sides. This limited edition and self-published book presents images from the artist’s fourth instalment of his ongoing LDN photographic series, which focuses on new urban spaces in his hometown, London.


The recycled vintage slide viewers used for Cairns’ TYO2-LDN4 Slide Viewers have a built-in light and offer a clear and natural viewing of the artist’s latest imagery. This self-published book comes in a special edition of 5, with each accompanied by a box of 30 slides containing 20 TYO2 and 10 LDN4 images.


Antony Cairns, TYO2, 2017. Glass photobook, 21.3 x 14.8 x 3.8 cm, special edition of 35. © GOLIGA