Jul 18, 2018

ARTIST NEWS: Antony Cairns at Stedelijk Museum Breda

05 September 2018 - 03 February 2019

Antony Cairns is participating in Artificial Impressions, a joint exhibition by Stedelijk Museum Breda and BredaPhoto. The exhibition includes works by six artists – Jeroen Bocken, Antony Cairns, Kenta Kobayashi, Sara Naim, Maija Tammi and Joris Verleg – who have created stimulating and experimental works that reflect or respond to the impact and possibilities of continuing progress in science and technology. Cairns is presenting new works from his IBM series, whereby he prints his dystopian images of cities on tinted IBM computer punch cards. He has specially made new large-scale photomontages composed of 330 cards (measuring around 182 x 280 cm), which will be on display in the exhibition at Stedelijk Museum Breda until 03 February 2019.

Artificial Impressions, installation view, Stedelijk Museum Breda, Breda, 05 September 2018 – 03 February 2019. Courtesy of Stedelijk Museum Breda